Christmas is a season of giving and sharing, and brands across the country were jumping in on the fun with holiday-themed activities! So to get our followers into the Christmas Spirit, we planned a fun Secret Santa activity that would get us noticed and, more importantly, raise awareness about our environmentally friendly, sustainable commuting rides. So what exactly did we do?

We launched a special “Green Santa” campaign where we decked up our Glyd cars in adorable, larger-than-life Santa hats and sent them out to paint the town green! In response, we raised more than just eyebrows. Our cars got snapped and featured on our followers social pages, and we were fortunate to get a lot of organic traction.

But of course, no Christmas is complete without gifts, and our Glyd Santa cars were dressed just right for the occasion. On Christmas day, we gifted our customers a free ride voucher as well as a cute customized pop-up card and a beautiful dairy, both made from recycled materials. Our followers loved the gifts, and we loved having the opportunity to make their Christmas a little brighter and greener.

Our Green Santa campaign gave us one important insight: not a lot of people are aware of the need for environmentally sustainable vehicles. Most people think electric cars are expensive and not something that’s easily available. In fact, thanks to advancements in auto engineering, electric car tech is not more affordable and gaining a lot of traction in markets across the world. By integrating such technology into its cars and making it available to a wider market, Glyd has taken a huge step towards spreading happiness of a different kind – happiness that’s packaged in a comfortable, luxurious and sustainable commute.


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