Reducing carbon dioxide emissions has always been a challenge for the transport sector. With growing urbanization in developing countries, transportation contributes nearly a quarter of the worldwide emissions from fuel combustion, and it’s steadily increasing.

While solutions to this problem exist, there is no straightforward way to implement them in a global system that’s resistant to change. What’s needed is a comprehensive approach that can help effectively reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s look at some of the things that can drive us towards the future of urban mobility.

  • Promotion of low or zero emission transportation modes like walking, cycling, increasing the adoptions of public transport, ridesharing, etc.
  • Mandating emission reduction targets for cars.
  • Increased spending in public transport infrastructure.

But the most effective way of tackling this problem is through technology. As alternative and renewable sources of energy gain popularity around the world, their adoption in developing countries like India hasn’t quite kept up. And that’s why Mahindra, in its commitment to rise against climate change and develop sustainable solutions, has ventured into an all-electric ridesharing service, Glyd. With a fleet of indigenously developed electric vehicles, Glyd is driving the future of urban mobility today.

The importance of electric ridesharing.

Electric ridesharing can greatly reduce emissions otherwise caused by conventional modes of travel. Multiple trips are clubbed into a single eco-friendly ride, with every seat being taken up by a rider. Besides helping commuters save on money, these rides also reduce the number of cars on the road, reducing both congestion and emissions. When commuters share rides, the need and demand for privately-owned cars on the road will also reduce.

As cities grow and their populations increase, so does their carbon footprint. With the idea of ridesharing finding increasing acceptance in urban populations, Glyd is essentially a pioneer in making the concept an all-electric one. After all, the first step to a greener future is to accept that change is inevitable. And if this change comes with industry-first features and a quiet, comfortable ride, Glyd is delighted to be the one at the helm of the coming electric revolution.

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