The Christmas where Santa went Green!

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing, and brands across the country were jumping in on the fun with holiday-themed activities! So to get our followers into the Christmas Spirit, we planned a fun Secret Santa activity that would get us noticed and, more importantly, raise awareness about our environmentally friendly, sustainable commuting rides. So what exactly did we do?

We launched a special “Green Santa” campaign where we decked up our Glyd cars in adorable, larger-than-life Santa hats and sent them out to paint the town green! In response, we raised more than just eyebrows. Our cars got snapped and featured on our followers social pages, and we were fortunate to get a lot of organic traction.

But of course, no Christmas is complete without gifts, and our Glyd Santa cars were dressed just right for the occasion. On Christmas day, we gifted our customers a free ride voucher as well as a cute customized pop-up card and a beautiful dairy, both made from recycled materials. Our followers loved the gifts, and we loved having the opportunity to make their Christmas a little brighter and greener.

Our Green Santa campaign gave us one important insight: not a lot of people are aware of the need for environmentally sustainable vehicles. Most people think electric cars are expensive and not something that’s easily available. In fact, thanks to advancements in auto engineering, electric car tech is not more affordable and gaining a lot of traction in markets across the world. By integrating such technology into its cars and making it available to a wider market, Glyd has taken a huge step towards spreading happiness of a different kind – happiness that’s packaged in a comfortable, luxurious and sustainable commute.


Commute the cool way.

Ask anyone living in the big city what their least favourite part of a summer day is, and they’ll all have the same answer to give: their commute. And understandably so. If commuting in rush-hour traffic is bad enough already, the soaring temperatures and increased humidity of the summers don’t make it any easier.

But do the summers have to be the most stressful time of the year? At Glyd, we don’t think so. Read on for some tips on how to stay cool through the summer.

Eat small. Eat frequent.

Eating big, heavy meals increase your metabolic heat, which essentially means you’ll feel hotter. The answer to this is to consume smaller meals more frequently throughout your day. To make this shift, simply pack smaller portions and eat 5-6 times a day. This ensures you don’t miss out on any nutrition, and reminds you that the key to a comfortable summer day is to not eat too much anyway.

Wear light. Stay light.

Wear light-weight and light-coloured cotton garments. Cotton allows your body to breathe and absorbs perspiration as well. Darker colours, on the other hand, absorb more heat and are bound to make you uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated.

Dehydration is by far the biggest problem during the summer. In our busy lives, we often forget to drink enough water throughout the day. And this can lead to some serious discomfort. So drink a lot of water and carry your own bottle everywhere you go. This’ll help reduce plastic waste and keep you feeling a lot cooler too.

Stay under the shade.

Carry an umbrella if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Direct exposure to sunlight can drain you of your energy, and simply staying under some shade makes a huge difference. Besides protecting you from harmful UV rays, being in the shade can reduce the amount of effort your body needs to take to maintain its temperature.

Make your commute more comfortable.

Remember how everybody hates commuting during the summer? We certainly do. And that’s why we encourage you to change the way you ride to work. Electric vehicles emit no carbon dioxide, which means they don’t contribute to increasing global temperatures. Besides that, the quiet ride also reduces sonic fatigue, ensures increased comfort, and helps you reach your workplace as fresh as when you departed. When you ride with Glyd, you also get access to tons of infotainment in an environment that comes with privacy screens and air purifiers.

All in all, while summers continue to be our least favourite season of the year, they can be made a lot more bearable if you just choose to do things a little differently.

Reshaping urban mobility.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions has always been a challenge for the transport sector. With growing urbanization in developing countries, transportation contributes nearly a quarter of the worldwide emissions from fuel combustion, and it’s steadily increasing.

While solutions to this problem exist, there is no straightforward way to implement them in a global system that’s resistant to change. What’s needed is a comprehensive approach that can help effectively reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s look at some of the things that can drive us towards the future of urban mobility.

  • Promotion of low or zero emission transportation modes like walking, cycling, increasing the adoptions of public transport, ridesharing, etc.
  • Mandating emission reduction targets for cars.
  • Increased spending in public transport infrastructure.

But the most effective way of tackling this problem is through technology. As alternative and renewable sources of energy gain popularity around the world, their adoption in developing countries like India hasn’t quite kept up. And that’s why Mahindra, in its commitment to rise against climate change and develop sustainable solutions, has ventured into an all-electric ridesharing service, Glyd. With a fleet of indigenously developed electric vehicles, Glyd is driving the future of urban mobility today.

The importance of electric ridesharing.

Electric ridesharing can greatly reduce emissions otherwise caused by conventional modes of travel. Multiple trips are clubbed into a single eco-friendly ride, with every seat being taken up by a rider. Besides helping commuters save on money, these rides also reduce the number of cars on the road, reducing both congestion and emissions. When commuters share rides, the need and demand for privately-owned cars on the road will also reduce.

As cities grow and their populations increase, so does their carbon footprint. With the idea of ridesharing finding increasing acceptance in urban populations, Glyd is essentially a pioneer in making the concept an all-electric one. After all, the first step to a greener future is to accept that change is inevitable. And if this change comes with industry-first features and a quiet, comfortable ride, Glyd is delighted to be the one at the helm of the coming electric revolution.